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CAP Debt HelpRainy November:

Five affordable ways to entertain the kids

It might feel like possibilities for entertaining the kids are endless in the hot, sunny weather when it’s easier to get out and about but as soon as rain clouds emerge, that activity list disappears as abruptly as the summer! Well, here are a few great ideas to help you make the most of those rainy November days.

Get creative

Start collecting empty cereal boxes, bottles and loo rolls that’d normally go in the recycling bin and dig out any unused craft sets from last Christmas. Why not see who can make the best robot or get everyone to make a different instrument then ‘play’ along to your favourite tunes? Or you could make some salt dough Christmas tree decorations with your family’s names on to hang on the tree this year.

If all you have is pens and paper, don’t worry! You could make your own Christmas cards for family and friends, or draw out a grid and let your kids create their own comic book story.

Bring the outdoors in

A bundle of cushions and sheets can soon become an exciting den, right in your living room. Get the kids to find things from around the house, or grab their favourite toys or blankets to put inside. Add a string of fairy lights. To make it even easier, simply use a small pop-up tent or a picnic blanket – relive the summer by bringing your picnic indoors.

Cook something together

Kids love to help with the cooking – especially if they’re baking some treats! Get your children measuring out the ingredients, stirring the mixture, and of course licking the bowl afterwards! It can be a huge confidence boost to help create a meal or some treats for the whole family to eat. You can make lots from just a few ingredients, so why not bake some biscuits or cupcakes and let the kids decorate them?


Embrace the rain
There are plenty of free or ‘pay what you can’ groups for both tots and older children, so why not see what’s on offer? Or check out the latest museum exhibitions, or head to the library and let the kids pick a whole bunch of new books to take home (or read there). If you’re feeling brave, why not just embrace the wet weather? As long as you’ve got wellies and raincoats at the ready, why not head to the park anyway and enjoy the ‘waterslides’ or jumping in puddles? Then come home, get your PJs on and snuggle up in front of the TV with some hot chocolate.

Go to the movies at home

Watch some favourite family movies, or grab something you haven’t seen from a local charity shop or library. Get some popcorn or snacks, draw the curtains, dim the lights, sit on some comfy chairs, beanbags or cushions and enjoy! You could even get the kids to make some movie tickets, posters or little snack boxes to ‘sell’, to recreate the whole cinema experience.

It might not be hugely appealing thinking of the cold, rainy months to come, but there’s plenty to be getting up to. Hopefully, these few ideas will spark some creativity so that you can embrace the winter weather as a whole family.

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Roger Simms

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