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  • September Covid: Message from Reverend Gordon Gresswell

    Superintendent’s Message I write to you all to offer clarity of the rules we need to follow. There are many mixed-messages around, including my own, and so this letter is to stipulate what we can and cannot do in our Church buildings if they are currently open. Before all this, let us read St. Paul’s […]

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  • Sunday 20th September – Circuit Service

    Newport and Lower Wye Circuit 2/19: Circuit Service for 20th September 2020:#   In these very unusual days we set aside this time to share in worship with fellow-Christians across our circuit. We remember the poetic encouragement of Isaiah to focus our time, talents and effort in Christian service Isaiah 55:1-2 1“Come, all you who […]

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  • CAP Debt Help

    CAP Column – September 2020

    Lift the pressure of September spending As well as the beginning of a new school year, September also marks 100 days until Christmas Day on the 16th. We know that both of these events can bring additional pressure when you’re living on a tight budget. Here are a few tips to help you save a […]

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  • FIRST IMPRESSIONS by the Rev Preben Andersen

    FIRST IMPRESSIONS We’re in Now the fun can begin The move executed But spirits diluted So much in a mess Which adds to the stress The carpets are late Delays which we hate No room for our stuff We’ve had almost enough… But then we decide To go for a ride Take in the fresh […]

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  • Happy New Year: a message from Gordon

    Happy New Year: a message from Gordon Church reopening To view click below

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  • Cytun-logo

    CYTÛN POLICY BULLETIN – August & September 2020

    If you need the bulletin with active hyper links CLICK HERE – 2020 08+09 Policy Bulletin If you need the bulletin with active hyper links CLICK HERE – 2020 08+09 Policy Bulletin      

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  • Preben’s FINAL Video & Bulletin

    Preben’s FINAL Video No 15 – 25 July Preben’s final Bulletin – July 25, 2020  PIT STOP A short story about the power of the violin with just two characters but a grand orchestra at the back holding it all together. For me, the conductor is and always will be Lord Jesus. FOREWORD A very […]

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  • Coronavirus

    Guidance on reopening places of worship: coronavirus

    Please see the new guidelines on re-opening places of worship  

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  • News

    Circuit Pastoral Letter – July

    Tuesday July 21st  2020 Dear fellow disciples of the risen Lord, Jesus Christ. It was with sadness that we said farewell to Revs. Preben and Ruth, alongside Margaret and Richard, on Sunday. Whilst we couldn’t gather the Podcast put together by Cliff Randall and his team was wonderful and, hopefully, allowed our four dear friends […]

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  • The Conference Business Digest

    The Conference Business Digest A report for local churches about the business of the 2020 Methodist Conference. Please share this with the office holders and members of your Church and Circuit. Download the Conference Business Digest 2020 (Pdf)

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