What’s in a name?

MWIBThe following letter has been sent to us by David Friswell, the World Church Relationships Team Leader at Methodist Church House, thanking MWiB for supporting the World Mission Fund via the Easter Offering, and updating  us on some of the work that this money supports:

What’s in a name?

I smiled as I read a circuit magazine the other day. One article proudly announced that the turn out for the recent ‘Network’ meeting had been excellent and the speaker had been first class! It also proclaimed that the …‘MWiB Easter Offering ’ had been the best for years. Well done and thank you.

And a very big thank you to all of you who support the World Mission Fund through the Easter Offering giving. It is amazing that around £450,000 is collected each year from churches all around Britain – every penny of which is used to support churches in other parts of the world. Such has been the generosity of Methodists in the past that all the World Mission Fund’s overhead costs can be covered by historic investment income.

Much of the work supported from the Fund goes to churches involved specifically in women’s work (now there’s a name from the past!)

Mission Partner Jane Day, in Southern Africa, is supporting ministry development among black and coloured women ministers and is working on issues of gender justice in the community; whilst in North India the money continues to help fund young women from very poor families to be trained in nursing and midwifery.

Grants to the Methodist Church in Brazil have supported women to work in their churches with vulnerable women and children, developing women’s leadership roles and integrating culture and art into worship. By sending out and distributing training resources many thousands of women have been able to participate and develop this work across Brazil.

The Church of Pakistan continues to help strengthen the position of women in society and with money from the World Mission Fund the have recently published a book comparing stories of women in the Bible to those of present day women in Pakistan. During their recent synod, money from our Easter Offering was able to support workshops on Violence Against Women and on Christian Marriage and the Divorce Law.

Each year the Easter Offering Service Material and other resources help churches around Britain to focus their prayers and worship on world mission and the role women play in spreading God’s love in their churches and communities. If you or your church doesn’t use this material at present, then why not have a look at the material for 2018 and add your support?

I want to thank once again all of you who take part in the Easter Offering through prayer, worship and giving. Your support continues to build God’s kingdom here on earth and brings dignity, encouragement, strength and resources to thousands of women each year.

God Bless.

Dave Friswell

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