Prospects South Wales Celebration 17th May 2014

This year Parklands Church in Swansea hosted the celebration and what a wonderful welcome we received. Our grateful thanks to everyone involved with the multitude of tasks that took place ‘behind the scenes’.
Gloria opened the afternoon and encouraged each group to stand and introduce themselves. They didn’t need much encouragement as the groups cheered and greeted each other from all over South wales! Gloria also welcomed Margaret Andersen who is our new Mission Development Co-Ordinator. Margaret said she was hoping to visit each of the groups in the near future.
The celebrations began and the church erupted with song, smiling faces and hundreds of feet ‘marching in the light of God’. Pontpridd provided us with a ‘soldier’ to dress and each group brought an aspect of Gods armour. Caerphilly, the helmet of salvation, Cardiff a beautifully made sword of the spirit, Swansea the shield of faith, Cwmbran the belt of truth and Caldicot provided the breast plate of righteousness. Sadly Newport, with the sandals were unable to get to us. Amazingly, all the items that had been made previously, by the various groups fitted the soldier perfectly!
We continued to sing and praise God together as each group performed a short sketch, drama or dance. All too soon the presentations came to an end, but the ladies (and gentlemen) of Parklands Church provided us with a mountain of food, fit to feed our Armies of God and we chatted and enjoyed fellowship together.
Later as the time came to say our goodbyes, at the end of an inspiring, exciting and Spirit filled day, everyone agreed that they would be looking forward to the next celebration, which is going to be held in Cwmbran.
Once again we offer our grateful thanks to everyone at Parklands Church Swansea.  Barbara Davies

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Roger Simms

Roger Simms

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