Daily Service – 5th April

Newport & Lower Wye Circuit Worship at Home   

Sunday 5th April 2020  –  Palm Sunday

Before beginning to work your way through today’s worship, may I suggest, if you are using a hymn book and bible, you find the readings and hymns first and bookmark them.   Then find somewhere comfortable to sit, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths, stilling yourself before God.  When you feel ready, begin following the service.


Come, pilgrim people.Palm Sunday
Come to worship the liberator and peacemaker
who rode into Jerusalem on a donkey.
Come to worship, pilgrim people.

Prayer of Praise

Lord God, let us approach with shouts of praise:
hosanna in the highest!
Let us draw close to you
on this day that caused disturbance and disruption.
Let us approach the throne
of the one who came as a humble servant,
who came to set us free, to change things for ever.
Hosanna to the one who comes in the name of the Lord.

Psalm 118 vv 1 -2 & 19-29


This is a reassuring Psalm that the Lord is always alongside us and is our salvation.   We should rejoice and gather in a joyous procession to the Holy Place that we might give praise to the God who will never stop loving us.   Sadly, we cannot physically gather together at this time but we can be together spiritually as we reflect on the words of:-

Hymn – Singing the Faith 264 – “Make Way! Make Way!”

You Tube Video Link :-  https://youtu.be/tK6XuYhL7JI

Reading from the Old Testament – Isaiah 50 vv 4 – 9


This is the third of Isaiah’s passages telling of the suffering servant of the Lord and the role of servanthood.   The servant is chosen to fulfil his destiny – he will not fail or be discouraged and will establish justice on earth. In this passage we see the servant is obedient to the call of suffering and accepts his lot with a meekness few of us could muster.  He can do this because he is sure of God’s help and the eventual triumph of God’s purpose for him.

Gospel Reading – Matthew 21 vv. 1 – 11


Jesus knew on the day that he rode into Jerusalem that he was heading for conflict.   Jerusalem welcomed another march that day.   Pilate with a huge cohort of soldiers that had come to keep control in the crowded city as the Festival of Passover was celebrated.

There was fear and anxiety on both sides of this confrontation and in his heart Jesus knew the battle would be grim.

In today’s world there is, again, talk of a battle – this time with an almost unseen virus that has the capability to touch us lightly, or kill us.    There is fear, there is anxiety and the battle is grim.  

In Jerusalem things took a disastrous turn and those who loved Jesus watched him be physically crucified.   Just as for many across the world today, life is collapsing in a heap; it is crucifying them emotionally and spiritually.    

Our faith takes us to an empty tomb and a risen Jesus whose selfless sacrifice is again being witnessed in so many ways at this time.  God is with us, the love of Christ is still permeating our societies and the power of the Holy Spirit will guide us through this nightmare to begin rebuilding God’s kingdom on earth.    Hallelujah!


Lord Jesus, you came to change the world.
Forgive us when we become complacent, when change is difficult – and we give up.

Lord Jesus, you came to serve, not to be served.
Forgive us when we put ourselves and our needs before those of our brothers and sisters.

Lord Jesus, you came to bring peace.
Forgive us when we cause more fights, more trouble, and more wars than peace.

Lord Jesus, you came to set the captives free.
Forgive us when we don’t stand up for justice and freedom for our neighbours.

Lord Jesus, you came to meet us where we are.
Forgive us when we don’t stand with each other through the pain and struggle.

Help us to change the world by serving one another, working for peace, standing up for justice, and walking with our fellow pilgrims.


Lead us now, O God, to acknowledge your costly generosity by living as forgiven people through Christ our Lord


Hymn – Singing the Faith 696 – “For the healing of the nations”

You Tube Video Link :- https://youtu.be/WdYJeGHmCjM


God of grace and mercy,

We pray for our aching world,

Caught in a web of suffering, anxiety, fear, isolation and grief.

We pray for all those who are giving of themselves sacrificially

And for those who are dedicated to serving others at this time.

(Space for your own prayers)

We pray for those in leadership roles who are having to make

difficult decisions which affect so many people throughout the world.

(Space for your own prayers)

We pray for all people who are hurting at this time, both physically and emotionally

(Space for your own prayers)

We pray that we might be Easter people,
laying down our lives to serve others,
bringing hope to hopeless situations – the hope
of the cross and resurrection.


As Jesus taught his disciples, so we pray, Our Father……


Hymn – Singing the Faith 263 – “Hosanna, Hosanna, Hosanna in the highest!”

You Tube Video Link :-  https://youtu.be/dAiBntMtViY

Prayer of departure

As we end this time of worship, let us celebrate the king,
the liberator, the servant,
the one who caused disturbance –
and let us do the same.

Some of the prayer material used in this service is © ROOTS for Churches Limited and used with permission.  Further photocopying, reproduction or transmission of this outside of the Circuit is forbidden without written permission from [email protected].

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