UPDATED – Circuit ‘Workshops’ on Marriage & Relationships

Marriage and Relationships Report

A first session took place at Bishpool Methodist Church on Saturday February 15th. Sixty-seven people came and the two hours flew by under the excellent guidance of the Reverend Rachel Frank.

She enabled us all to think of others, to reflect on how we perceive God as individuals, yet drew us into a shared awareness that we are all united through our faith and knowledge of Jesus Christ.

There was honest sharing, carefully constructed arguments, active listening and lovely hospitality offered by the good people of Bishpool.

This session is repeated on Tuesday February 25th at 7.00 PM in Bishpool and I hope you will be encouraged to come along.

The Saturday group asked for a second session to take place and this is booked for Saturday March 14th at 10.00 AM, and there will be a repeat on Wednesday March 18th at 7.00 PM, again, at Bishpool.

A personal thank you for the wonderful way Rachel led us through this emotive subject and thank you to all who came along with especial thanks to Bishpool Methodist Church for hosting us so well.

Please note that for both Parts you choose which times are the more convenient to you, i.e. daytime or evening, not both.


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Roger Simms

Roger Simms

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