Churches in Newport – May Bulletin

Churches in Newport

E-Bulletin May 2020

It’s been a while since the last Bulletin, because of the current circumstances. One regular event which is still taking place is the monthly prayer meeting for Newport, led by Wesley Harris online.

Wednesday 20th May  7.15 – 8.30pm  Prayer meeting for Newport

Contact Wesley for details of how to join in online  [email protected] / 07974 821991.


News and prayer points from around the city

Wesley has also produced this news update about how our various shared activities and ministries in Newport are being affected and what they’re now doing. (The details were correct at the end of April).

Eden Gate Night Shelter has had to be suspended as have the ‘drop-in’ sessions at Eden Gate and Sunday Munch. Eden Gate placed all night shelter guests in hotel accommodation. However, when the hotels closed Eden Gate worked to secure B&B accommodation elsewhere, so guests had a safe place to go. The cost was over £5000. Thankfully the council has now taken over funding for this very expensive enterprise. Eden Gate is working with other providers to meet the needs of homeless people during this difficult time, aiming to give them two hot meals a day and a sandwich pack. Eden Gate are doing take-away food on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday whilst The Olive Branch hand out food Friday-Monday. The Wallich continue to provide a breakfast roll and lunch seven days a week. Resettlement support to find fixed accommodation is ongoing. Please pray for all involved. If you would like to help financially, there is a new funding page:

Olive Branch 1. We need a better building as we are seeing more and more homeless day to day. The building we have isn’t really fit for purpose. 2. Funding is an ongoing issue, being a new charity, it’s a challenge to find funders. 3. The Trustees. Give thanks for them, it’s a big commitment and responsibility.

  1. Protection – we are still working with the homeless throughout this pandemic.

Amazing Grace Spaces 1. The Grace House has two ladies with a new lady coming at the end of April. It has been an amazing journey offering ladies in recovery a safe space. It is a challenging time making sure the ladies in the house are well and supported. We are using zoom to continue counselling and “Freedom in Christ”. Caroline visits the house twice a week; the ladies currently in the Grace House are doing really well. It will be hard for the new lady with the current circumstances, so we will need to give her a lot of support when she arrives at the house; pray she settles quickly.

  1. Bridgend council have had four Pods for homeless people who are self-isolating which has helped us financially at this difficult time.

  2. We have had numerous enquiries and in discussions to provide Pods in readiness for when those that are vulnerable are back on the streets and the current provision is withdrawn.

  3. We have been offered support to help organisations to start a Safe Space Pod Project in South Wales and are looking for small organisations who would benefit. Our latest projects have not moved forward due to the lockdown. Over the next few months please pray we can build more pods that will hopefully accommodate homeless people when the lockdown is over instead of going back to the streets.

  4. Prayer is really important at this time and we appreciate prayer. We thank God for his continued grace on all he is doing at AGS.

Sanctuary 1. For our funder to agree to renew funding for a further three years to enable us to continue our work. 2. For asylum seekers and refugees experiencing significant isolation at this time, living in shared properties with no wifi or tv and on limited income and away from their family. 3. For a new venue for the bike recycling project following St Pauls moving out of the old post office.


Street Pastors 1. We are not out and about on the streets. 2. Pray for the seeds that have been sown in the past and for God to use any contact we have had, or can still have via the SP Facebook page etc.


Raven House The shop is closed but the Food bank continues. Demand has increased a lot, up from about 25 food parcels a week to 200 a week, and we are looking for donations of food or money. Food can be dropped at the shop or collection points. Cheques can be posted to 276 Cromwell Road Newport NP19 0HT- please write FOOD on the back of the cheque so it goes directly to the food donation funds.

Newport Foodbank We had £500 in cash stolen from the safe recently. Please pray that we can work well with other agencies to provide the best service possible in these times. We have volunteers who collect the food pre packed and deliver to homes – from a safe distance. Appreciate prayer for safety for all our volunteers. If you would like to donate:

Bridge Counselling The Bridge has now been closed since late March. The whole Market complex, where we are based, has been locked down. Consequently, we don’t have access to our Centre at all. Financially we don’t have any problems, but we have no idea what might be going on behind the scenes about the re-development of the Market site and what plans that may involve for the Bridge. Father God is never still! Often, we don’t take into consideration – or thanksgiving – all that God is doing ‘behind the scenes’ – what plans he is unfolding, people he is bringing into play etc, so that his outcome will be achieved. We are unable to be ‘in the thick of it’ – but our Father God has never been anywhere else!

Neighbourhood Chaplains We can’t go door to door at the moment to make new contacts, but we can follow up those we have already met. One gentleman is now reading the Bible we gave him and “attends” services on-line. Another we shopped for now wants to come to church once it restarts, having declared himself “not a religious person” before! Pray for wisdom to support those we are in touch with.

Christians Against Poverty Visiting has been suspended in this current situation and we are not taking new bookings, just trying to be available on the phone to try and encourage and help as needed. Pray for the impact on people, for those where shopping is more of a challenge, others working but facing uncertainty/furlough and reduced income as well as others looking after kids without free school meals.

ICE Wales 1. The schools are closed but we would value prayer that the ICE workers will benefit from the rest and that the teachers will be supported as they “look after” children of key workers which may actually be harder than teaching them! 2. Pray too that the schools will welcome us back when they reopen.

Transforming Lives for Good We are keeping in contact by text with parents and sent out some Easter packages. Prayer points: 1. For families to remain safe and well. 2. For us to be able to remain in contact with them and they feel supported. 3. That the children would know they are not forgotten.

Gideons 1. Thank and praise God: one of our members went through the virus attack and came through ICU, and is now recovering at home. 2. Thank God for The Royal Gwent Hospital Chaplain who asked for some resources to give to patients. The Gideons have given 500 Good News as well as St John’s Gospel in a magazine format. Pray that the Holy Spirit will do a work of grace in the hearts of the readers.

Bible School The Bible School is closed following the strict rules of distancing. We hope to open once the pandemic has receded. Pray for: 1. The growth of the Bible School as well as for lecturers who can volunteer to teach in their spare time. 2. The guidance of ministers by the Holy Spirit in order for repentance to take place among those that are yet to be saved in the community. 3. The churches be united, praying and fellowshipping together in order to fulfil the mandate of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Diverse Manners Pray that God continues to inspire these artists as they engage in the creative process.

Prayer for Newport

1. Give thanks that we can meet on-line to pray for our city.

2. Praise God that the lockdown doesn’t stop us praying or serving him, albeit in different ways.

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