Cath’s Ordination

Catherine Lewis

Rev Catherine Lewis

Bridget and I would just like to share with you a bit of what went on during the day

On the Sunday morning the Ordinands were accepted into the Connexion. We were not there to see this but Bob Farrimond told us that it was a very emotional time.

The Service was led by Stephen Poxon – a former President of the Conference. The World Church representative came from Brazil and so the second lesson from Romans 12:1-8 was read in Portuguese. Fortunately we were able to follow the reading in our service guides! ( well, when I say follow…know to look up when he stopped speaking) The Preacher was a former minister at Linacre Mission who spoke not only to the Ordinands about answering their calling, but to the whole congregation, he acknowledged that there might be people present that were not regular attendees of any church but that God was calling them too. He referred to the Romans reading which asks us to present our bodies as a living sacrifice, not to imagine that we can answer our calling by believing that we respond by offering to “be there in spirit”.

Each of the Ordinands were called out by name and presented to the people. They then, as a group, had to affirm their calling. At the point of the actual Ordination Cath knelt before the President and he, Cath’s Assisting Minister, Maree, and the World Church representative placed their hand on Cath’s head before praying for her. Each Ordinand received a bible and Communion was shared by the whole Church.

Afterwards we didn’t have much time to speak to Cath (especially those of us who got lost in the many different rooms that you could get tea and buns in). Cath was really happy and I’m sure the day went by in a blur. We were close enough to see “dampening of the eye” but our girl kept herself together.

And, for those of you who are interested in these things; Jason was wearing a suit – with real trousers – all the way to his shoes! And very smart he looked too.

We tried taking some photos but not sure how they will have come out but we will bring them along to Church next week. Or for those FB people I am sure there will be photos there too.

Alison McBain

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