• Noah Ark

    Everything I need to know about life, I learned from Noah’s Ark

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  • 2014 04 Holy Bible

    How To Completely Misuse The Bible In 5 Easy Steps

    The Bible is a notoriously difficult book (collection of books, actually) to understand. We’ve been wrestling with the meaning and implication of various texts within the Bible nearly since the moment it was written. Every generation of Christians has the challenge of not only understanding the Bible, but also has the challenge of contextualizing the […]

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  • Rev Roy Watson

    The Easter Message 2014 – a Video from Rev Roy Watson

    The Easter Message for 2014 is from the inspirational Minister, the Rev Roy Watson, who is a Methodist Minister in the Gwent Hills and Vale Circuit in South Wales (UK). Click link below. Published with permission

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  • 2014 Rob Bell

    Resurrection by Rob Bell

    Please follow the link to read this Easter item by Rob Bell:- or alternatively click on the image below for a video of Rob Bell reading ‘Resurrection’

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  • Empty Pews

    Bringing the ‘nones’ back to church

    Evangelicals are leaving the church because they are angry. Roman Catholics are leaving because they feel betrayed. And mainline Christians? They’re leaving because they’re bored. Those are the findings of Elizabeth Drescher, author of a new book about why people are leaving their churches. For full article please follow link:-  

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  • Landscape Scene

    God’s Grace

    Last week, an email doing the rounds, now another I would like to share with you. God’s Grace I wonder how many people will delete this without reading it because of the title. It is a shame but this message is very true. Hope you are all as blessed as I was by this story. […]

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  • Prayer - Hands

    “Just Checking In Today”

    An email doing the rounds I would like to share with you:- “Just Checking In Today” A Minister passing through his church In the middle of the day, Decided to pause by the altar To see who came to pray. . Just then the back door opened, And a man came down the aisle, The […]

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  • Christian Aid – Icon

    Christian Aid – Count Your Blessings app

    With daily reflections, stunning photography and other tools for your Lenten journey, our app is available now as a free download from the App Store or Google Play. For anyone needing help with an iPad or iPhone, this two minute video is very good For a guide to installing apps on Android phones, tablets or […]

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  • Small Church

    Staying faithful in a small church

    Small churches are important. And often unnoticed. So I was wonderfully surprised when I was recently asked to give a short training seminar in our Diocese called Staying Faithful in a Small Church. The unique privileges and problems of small churches are often overlooked by those from bigger churches. Subconsciously, bigger means more successful, leaders of larger churches are […]

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  • PROSPECTS – Simons Story

    Showing Simon’s story in your church might change a life Like many of his friends Simon enjoys going to church and being part of the fellowship. Having an active Christian faith is an important part of Simon’s  life, it is part of his identity, like his ability to push boundaries. With support, Simon is able […]

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